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Black Heavy Duty Hand Pad (91-91)

Ideal for grills, griddles, ovens, broilers, shop tools, brickwork, and concrete
Size: 6″ x 9″


In stock

The No. 91-91 Heavy Duty Hand Pad is made of polyester fibers in an open textured, nonwoven pattern. Abrasive particles are dispersed throughout and bonded to the nonwoven construction with a durable adhesive.

For heavy duty cleaning. This extremely aggressive pad is ideal for baseboard cleaning of finish build-up. Also good for cleaning grills, griddles and other heavy duty jobs.

No. 97etc Black614 Stripping Pad Heavy Duty 510120 510122

Weight 5.1 lbs
Dimensions 6 in
QTY per Unit




6" x 9"

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