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Renown Half-Fold Toilet Seat Paper Cover-Virgin (250-Pk/20Pk-Case)

Convenient and simple to use product is non-toxic to aquatic life

Made of 100% virgin fiber, completely flushable

Eco-friendly packaging

Safe for you

Clean white seat covers offer a protective alternative


In stock

Paper toilet seat covers can effectively prevents cross-infection of various skin diseases and cross-contamination and are helpful to avoid the psychological discomfort resulting from direct contact with toilet seat. Eco-friendly and 100% flushable, apply biodegradable material, water soluble, after using, paper toilet seat cover can be flushed away by water, quality half-fold paper toilet seat covers in a convenient, reduced case size for a hygienic barrier at an economical cost. Reduces system clogs caused by makeshift tissue and towel seat covers.



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