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Scott White Hard Roll Paper Towels Absorbency Pockets for Dispenser (1150/Roll, 6-Rolls/Case)

Scott White Hard Roll Paper Towels Absorbency Pockets for Dispenser (1150/Roll, 6-Rolls/Case)


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Scott Pro provides state of the art solutions to maximize productivity. You can trust Scott Pro Hard Roll Paper Towels, with fast-drying Absorbency Pockets, to provide efficient, reliable hand-drying for your washroom or break room. With the new paper design, our paper towel is Unmistakably Scott branded so you’ll be recognized for providing the most well-known restroom brand in your facility. This new Elevated Scott Design was preferred 4 to 1 based upon a 2019 KCP Brand Differentiation Study. These paper towels are exclusively compatible with the Scott Pro Dispenser systems (blue/grey/green cores), which can adapt to suit your needs. Plus, the fast-drying Absorbency Pockets mean that users will need fewer towels to dry their hands. The result? More towels left in the dispenser, more times between refills and less paper waste. Drying is one of the most important steps in the hand washing process, and how you dry matters. Providing high-quality Scott Pro Hard Roll commercial paper towels to your guests, clients and employees is one important piece of the workplace hygiene puzzle. Compatible with The Kimberly-Clark Professional ICON dispensing system with interchangable faceplate technology – available for paper towels, skin care, and toilet paper dispensers found in the ICON collection.

1150 ft./roll, 6 Scott Pro hard roll paper towel rolls/case, 6,900 ft./case

Absorbency Pockets absorb lots of water fast for superior hand drying performance, so guests use fewer paper towels

Scott Pro towel rolls combine softness with the efficient performance of commercial paper towels

1.75 in. core size (blue core) is compatible exclusively with Scott Pro paper towel dispensers (modular dispensers adapt to suit your business’ function and image needs)

Paper towels meet EPA guidelines, and are FSC certified and ECOLOGO certified



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