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T 7/1, 2 gallon dry canister vacuum


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The T 7/1 is the perfect vacuum for cleaning messes quickly and easily. This canister vacuum is lightweight and portable, allowing you to clean in no time at all and restore your facility to its clean professional appearance. Weighing under 12 pounds, the T 7/1 canister vacuum is easy to tow behind and is the perfect solution for any small dry dirt problem. It is operated via foot switch without the need to stoop. The handily shaped, curved grip with adjustable suction power permits fatigue-free working. The vacuum cleaner owes its good rolling properties to a chassis fitted with two fixed casters and two steering castors. An all-round bumper ensures that the impact-resistant container does not damage furniture. The T 7/1 comes with a fleece filter bag as standard. This holds up to three times as much dust as conventional paper filters. A six-stage filter system ensures impeccable retention performance.



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